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When Indifference Hurts You The Most

  I Hereby Leave My Estate to Fido We’ve all heard the crazy stories where people gave their entire inheritances to their pets. Remember when hotel heiress Leona Helmsley famously left her Maltese a $12 million trust fund that disinherited her grandchildren? Most of us have got more important people and things to consider. Even…

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What We Can Learn from “Die Hard”

  Just One of the Lucky Ones? John McClane is one seriously unlucky guy. In all 5 installments of the Die Hard franchise, the iconic character played by Bruce Willis had a knack for being in the really wrong place at the really wrong time.   Here is a true story about another unlucky guy:…

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The Single Most Important Question

  The Question You Need to Be Asking (But Your Advisors Aren’t)   The wealth planning decisions you make today aren’t about some numbers on a balance sheet. What you do in your planning has implications FAR beyond you and your money. It will extend to your family for generations and can profoundly impact and…

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