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An original “shark” on the Emmy-Award-Winning TV show “Shark Tank,” Kevin Harrington, creator of the infomercial, who is also the pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, having launched over 500 products generating over $5 billion in global product sales. On his show, “Business Icons,” Harrington interviews Barry Spencer and Scott Noble.

On “Business Icons,” Kevin spotlights industry authorities who provided wisdom about the biggest challenges people face and how to solve them.

The Three Driving Desires of Retirees
A Pain That Became a Passion
Bad Results That Lead to Better Outcomes
Two Are Better Than One & Leadership Really Matters
A Big Challenge Everyone Must Resolve
Tax Planning vs. Tax Preparing
The Surprising Benefits of Tax Savings
Having True Financial Security
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Who We Work With and Why It Matters
Harrington Interview Behind The Scenes

James Malinchak from ABC-TV’s hit show “Secret Millionaire,” where he personally gave away over $100,000 in one week, interviews Barry Spencer about generosity, common retirement challenges and how to build a more confident future.

What Successful People Want
Challenges Overlooked and Unresolved
Picture Your Future
Retirement Blindspots
Limits of Google
ONE Little-Known Key to Having What You Want
When Passion Comes Out of Pain
Do Yourself a Favor
What Successful People Do
Malinchak Interview Behind The Scenes