The Most Important Question…

By Barry Spencer | June 11, 2024 |

For those of you who enjoy the gritty action of the old Dirty Harry films starring Clint Eastwood, there’s one question in this world that’s hard to forget: “Do I feel lucky?” Well,…

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Inflation Relief on the Horizon?

By Barry Spencer | June 4, 2024 |

After months of simmering inflation reports, it looks like inflation finally eased slightly in April. 1Are prices stabilizing? Can we breathe a sigh of relief?Let’s dig a little deeper.What’s inside the…

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Freedom Leads to Purpose

By Barry Spencer | May 28, 2024 |

Memorial Day is a poignant time to pause and reflect on the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who served our country with valor and dedication. It’s a…

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Do You Know Your 401(k) Options?

By Barry Spencer | May 21, 2024 |

Between high contribution limits, tax advantages, and potential employer matching, a 401(k) can be a homerun for your retirement savings.But if you’ve moved on from your 401(k) employer or are…

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Zombie Recession Fears

By Barry Spencer | May 14, 2024 |

Is a zombie recession coming? (By that, I mean that renewed fears of a “hard landing” recession have emerged from the grave and are walking among us.) 1   Many analysts…

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Who’s On Your Team?

By Barry Spencer | May 7, 2024 |

When you were in school, chances are you were on some sort of sports team. Teams are an integral part of life, from childhood and on into the rest of…

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Why are Markets Volatile?

By Barry Spencer | April 30, 2024 |

Markets have been very volatile lately.What’s going on?Let’s take a quick look at the factors that are influencing markets right now.(Not interested in discussing markets? Scroll down to my P.S.…

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“Magic” Retirement Number (inflation)

By Barry Spencer | April 16, 2024 |

New research has found a new “magic” retirement savings number.(I explain how inflation factors in below.)I say “magic” because if you put 10 people in a room, you’ll get 10…

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Does It Work?

By Barry Spencer | April 9, 2024 |

Does Your Retirement Work Under Pressure? It was the 9th inning, bases loaded, two outs, and we were up by one run. My son is on the mound pitching. (Watching…

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Can Stocks Go Higher?

By Barry Spencer | April 2, 2024 |

The stock market rocketed to new record highs after the latest Federal Reserve meeting. 1 Will markets continue to rise? Will stocks take a dive after the recent record highs?…

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