Why is this so hard?

By Barry Spencer | February 6, 2024 |

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” We all know this, right? And yet proper planning—in every area of life—remains one of the most commonly shared universal struggles…

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Bull Market Confirmed! What Happens Next…

By Barry Spencer | January 30, 2024 |

It’s official. The bear market is behind us.The S&P 500 finally hit a new record for the first time since 2022. And then notched multiple higher highs in the days…

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You Have Money… Now Can You Keep It?

By Barry Spencer | January 23, 2024 |

What do Wayne Newton, Mark Twain, and MC Hammer all have in common? They all declared bankruptcy after amassing a great fortune through their trades and talents. Their cautionary tales…

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Ask the Right Questions

By Barry Spencer | January 9, 2024 |

Are you asking the RIGHT questions? Are you asking the right questions about your money? If you don’t answer them, Uncle Sam will answer them for you. Asking the right…

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Does Your Plan Crack Under Pressure?

By Barry Spencer | December 5, 2023 | Comments Off on Does Your Plan Crack Under Pressure?

It’s Time to Hold Your Advisor Accountable  Most wealth advisors follow the same plan for every affluent person who walks into their office. That’s crazy! You’re unique, and you deserve…

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End-of-year opportunities for your finances

By Barry Spencer | November 28, 2023 |

During November and December, I want to help you spot time-sensitive planning opportunities. Perhaps you… • Are considering making year-end gifts to charitable organizations or family members and need to…

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What Are You Grateful For?

By Barry Spencer | November 7, 2023 |

Just a quick note to offer some perspective on the (many) headlines floating around.There are plenty of things to be worried about right now, so I’d like to pause for…

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How Does the Economy Look to You?

By Barry Spencer | October 31, 2023 |

Do you feel like the economy isn’t making a lot of sense right now?Is there a mismatch between the headlines and your perception?If so, you’re not alone.There’s a big divide…

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Tragedy in Israel

By Barry Spencer | October 17, 2023 |

I’m writing to offer some thoughts on the horrific situation unfolding in Israel.The devastating terrorist attacks have already cost thousands of lives and may profoundly affect the region.While the violence…

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Market drop (explainer)

By Barry Spencer | October 10, 2023 |

What’s going on with markets? Why does the federal government keep getting into fiscal fights? A lot is going on, so let’s discuss. Why did markets melt down? A combination…

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