Don’t Settle for Typical

When it comes to your personal life, do you settle for typical? Or do you strive for more?

And do you follow your head AND your heart?
The word “typical” doesn’t always have a negative connotation. But when it comes to wealth planning, typical is far from desirable.

typical session with a planner using a traditional approach will be about the planning techniques with which that planner is most familiar. The conversation unfolds in a way that makes the advisor look smart, as he talks extensively about advanced planning and uses plenty of terms you can’t remember (or even pronounce).
A true specialist, however, captures the strategic opportunities available to you by helping you express your deepest desires and get a clearer picture of your future. This enables you to involve your heart in the process combined with technical expertise about what’s available. A true specialist is able to have a plain, candid conversation with you about the tactics needed to accomplish what you want to do with all of your wealth.
The “magic” in wealth planning is in bringing the desired future result into the present with the techniques that apply. The specialist accomplishes this by bringing focus, simplicity, and clarity to real life complexities.
All too often the planning tools drive the planning process, which doesn’t produce the desired outcomes (which most often is only discovered when it is too late to do anything about it).

The success of effective wealth planning is to keep your heart and wealth vision at the center of your planning, and allow your head to come into agreement with the desires of your heart.


“Let your heart guide you…it whispers, so listen closely.”

-Walt Disney
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