Tiger Resolve (how bad do you want something)

The media pontificates whether Tiger Woods is back or not. And most of the time they are doubters and critical not only of his golf play but him personally.  How many of them even know the man, away from the cameras?

Whether he is back or not, Tiger demonstrates some personal qualities that all of us as leaders, and entrepreneurs could stand to get a little more of: Fierce resolve and determination.

How many times has it been said he’s done after his moral collapse.  How many said he’ll never win another major or even another tournament.

Yet, he is ranked third in FedEx Cup standings and has had two convincing wins on the tour this year at Arnold Palmer’s tournament and now Jack Nicholas’s tournament.

He is a demonstration of how to stick with it in the face of doubt, discouragement, personal failure and defeat.

How much more reason to live this way if you have a cause that matters deeply to you and makes a significant difference in the lives of others.

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