What Is Needed Now

What if we all did this?


I don’t know about you, but I tire of the misleading media headlines.

Even worse are the headline images.

Plastered across media outlets are images of beach-going and park-enjoying segments of people clustered and violating social distancing recommendations.

They picture and write the story as if ALL PEOPLE are irresponsible.

While SOME may be, there are MANY (if not MOST) who are not!

The biggest problem with the media story-line is that it overgeneralizes, fueling pessimism and negativity, stirring up fear, and in some cases igniting anger. 

Granted, for those of us with an at-risk situation near us, caution is needed. My mom, who stays with my family during the winter months, is a higher-risk case. So for us, we are cautious about her getting out and being around us if we’ve been out.

There are still LOTS of reasons for HOPEFUL OPTIMISM.

The curve has not only flattened, but in most places it is declining. Many more people have recovered than been diagnosed anew. Statistics now show that perhaps fewer than 0.5% have died from contracting the virus.

Additionally, it is becoming clearer how to fight the virus, and the world is fighting a common enemy.  This too is unprecedented.

Therefore, what is needed now is ONE THING that each of us CAN CONTROL:


This is different than irrational exuberance that tends to ignore facts and dangers.

Hopeful optimism operates out of realism, demonstrates PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, and takes the perspective of the better future that is just ahead.

You may have questions about how it all works out in the short-term for you, your family, the economy, markets, and therefore also your retirement money.

But when you start from a position of HOPEFUL OPTIMISM the options for you can become clear while you find peace in the midst.

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There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

― C.S. Lewis

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