Does Your Plan Crack Under Pressure?

It’s Time to Hold Your Advisor Accountable

 Most wealth advisors follow the same plan for every affluent person who walks into their office. That’s crazy!

You’re unique, and you deserve a plan that meets your specific goals. It’s time to put your current wealth planning to the test. Pressure test questions- does your plan:

  • Eliminate gift and estate taxes?
  • Provide for an appropriate and well thought out inheritance?
  • Free you to live out the desires you have for your wealth right now?
  • Allow you to use charitable giving to enlarge your heirs’ inheritances?
  • Answer your questions about transitioning your business to the next generation?
  • Implement the strategies to leverage your assets for the greatest personal benefit?
  • Give you or your spouse absolute confidence in your estate plan?
  • Accomplish all your personal objectives?
  • Enable you to be anxiety-free about what happens to your assets?
  • Eliminate the concerns your planned inheritance will create for your heirs?
  • Provide for the alignment of all your resources to a clearly understood purpose?

If you checked off less than 7 of these boxes you still have a lot of planning to do! You need a plan that gives you:

  • Confidence that you’re living with your wealth as you desire, you’ll achieve your goals for your family and charity, and you’ll pay no estate taxes—starting today.
  • Hope for where you’re going and for the impact your wealth will have on others.
  • Peace of mind that you have seized every opportunity and triumphed over every challenge.

Wealth is about more than money. Talk to an advisor who will give you the peace of mind that comes by knowing your legacy is intact.

Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now.


“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.”

-Benjamin Disraeli

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