Stop Swimming With Sharks

Find Friendlier Waters

Just before I went out for a mile swim in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico recently, my non-swimmer friends panicked about me swimming with sharks.

Off the coast of the Florida panhandle, there is rarely a shark within a mile of shore.

Many swims later in this area I’m still okay, and to this day I haven’t seen anything other than a few little fish jumping around.

While I don’t swim with sharks, there are many doing their retirement planning swimming in shark infested waters. The financial industry is filled with good people– well-intentioned and well meaning.

However, the industry training can cause them to function like sharks… product selling, portfolio pushing, and pressure posturing in order to get you to do something.

Even with those advisors that promise a plan after buying a product or choosing a portfolio, the plan most often never comes, and if it does, it will only support the decisions already made.

It doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) this way.

This causes too many to go it alone or assume all advisors are alike, so they stick with an advisor they’ve had for years while questions and concerns linger.

Instead, look for an advisor that:

  1. Puts your interests first by listening to you.
  2. Plans first, in order to solve problems and seize opportunities.
  3. Places your understanding as the highest priority, explaining complex and sometimes confusing financial, tax, and estate issues in easy to understand language.

When this happens for you, you can make financial decisions you feel good about and your retirement confidence can really grow.

This didn’t happen for my dad before he lost his battle with cancer at retirement age. I searched among his nine advisors, and friends for simple straight-forward advice.

This lack of finding someone who could serve in my mom’s best interest driven by comprehensive planning – investment, tax, and estate – is what drove me into the business.

That is the way it is in many areas of life:

What drives you crazy can drive you to solve it, and that in turn benefits others.

Do you ever wonder if you are swimming in shark infested waters?

You don’t have to wonder…

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Wealth is more than money. Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now.


“We grow a little every time we do not take advantage of somebody’s weakness.”
― Bernard Williams

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