Money, Wealth, Family, and Generosity

Money is not bad.  It is not wrong to have it.  This idea is contrary to popular media of course that points the finger at the “evil one percent,” or “evil three percent” however you choose to look at it.

The bible gives a great story about the rich person Jesus met along the road who he told to go sell all he had before following him.  Many leaders of religion interpret this to mean that the rich should give every last penny away until they are just like the people they’ve given their last penny to.

I’m not a bible scholar by any means but this doesn’t seem to add up to the other stories I read in the bible where Jesus talks about the rich being generous to their family and others.

The question I find many wealthy people pondering is whether or not they could give more! (see regret #5 of this special report on the regrets wealth creates).

I find that wealth people have a strong desire to be generous but just don’t know they best ways to do it, or who to trust for sound advise.  They’ve concluded correctly that giving takes as much energy and focus as was required for the business that created the wealth.

First thing to do is be honest about your dreams of the good you could do in the world if you got serious about being generous. And don’t get caught up in how much or even how to do it.  Dream first and dream big.

Then begin to image your money sitting in the palm of your open hand instead of tied to your heart.

How much bigger did your dreams just become by doing that?

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