Where Do You Go?

Where Do You Go for Insights?

At the start of my Monday morning workout, I flipped on one of the financial news channels.

A wealth manager was a special guest of the program, who, in 60 seconds, gave his predictions about the economy, stock market, interest rates, bond returns, and taxes.

In the next 60 seconds he had he talked about his favorite stocks.

It was all said so fast, and he sounded so smart.

This is an example of media myths.

The media brings on entertaining and smart sounding people who can wow and shock so you are riveted to stay tuned and return for more.

But all of it is really entertainment, not insights.

Attempting to make decisions based on predictions and favorite stocks will have you whipsawed and reeling from your decisions.

The best kind of insights are personalized and custom-tailored to you and your financial objectives addressing your real-world concerns.

Never mistake entertainment for advice.

Seek sound advice and insights from someone who knows you, works only with people just like you, and doesn’t seek to entertain but to inform.

Not sure about the advice you’re getting…

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
– Albert Einstein

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