Entrepreneur Now (this is the time)

I’ve heard it said that today is not the best of times to start a new venture.  But talk with entrepreneurs who are in their late 70’s and 80’s who started at a horrible time in our country’s history.  Interest rates were over 18%, inflation was going through the roof, and anti-American sentiment was predominant.

It was the only time they had to start a business and this is the only time we have to start a business.  The time is now and its our moment.

I’ve also heard the best age is in the 20’s before spouse, kids and family time is so demanding.  A recent study shows that entrepreneurs are prepared in their early years to go after it in their mid-thirties and forties.  They are more mature, seasoned and work more efficiently out of necessity.  This makes them more effective.

This is great to hear because I’m long past 20 years old and the demands of family increase daily.

I’m thriving and this is the day and this is the time.  Is it yours’ too? 

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