Adapt or die (your choice)

To live or die is really a choice.  I can chose to complain about everything that is wrong, not right or how things should be different.  What does that really get me…a negative outlook on my situations and circumstances.

When Bubba and Phil showed up to play the U.S. Open, they were not happy with the course and determined it didn’t play well to their golf game.  If you show up to play, how do these things even matter! Will you get the club to change the layout for the weekend? Will you conquer the fairways by playing the fairway you wish was there?

When we go about our day complaining about how things could be, should be or ought to be, we only wind up defeated and discouraged.

The key is to adapt to what you’re given and play the course in front of you.

I wish the industry I’m in was more ethical, less regulated with pointless rules, more easily understood, and more highly desired by prospects.  But its not!  I can adapt or die.

Are you adapting or slowly fading away in a slow death.  Or like Phil and Bubba, quickly self-destructing?

Chose to adapt…its more fun and exciting way to live life!

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