When Success Becomes Dangerous

Significance Versus Success

Success can be dangerous. Yes, it’s important; and it’s probably something you’ve experienced a lot in your life. But if you’re not careful, it can also rob you of your final years of purpose. So ask yourself this:

Do I have a success purpose or a significant purpose?

You need something that gives meaning to your final years on earth, something that goes beyond the numbers and beyond the business accolades.

Your life already has a significant purpose, even if your focus and energy have been on finding success—but it’s time to make that purpose a priority. You can start today by having a conversation with a specialist about your wealth opportunities that will help you focus in on what is most important to you.

Your family won’t remember your final account balances. They will remember what you were most passionate about. That’s why knowing your purpose for being alive needs to be a significant factor in your planning.

Stack your team with the right experts who can provide clarity about what is most important to you about having money and the opportunities available for achieving what you want.

Wealth is more than money. Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now. Pass it on and share the insights like this that you find valuable.


“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

 Albert Schweitzer

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