What Are You Watching?

Because What Gets Your Attention…

MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN and all the others are in the same business.

You are led to believe they are in the information business, but they are NOT.

They are not running content over the airwaves to inform, in order to help you make wise and confident decisions.

Nope! Because that is not the business they are in.

They are in the entertainment business.

Their job is to grab, or may I say, suck in, the attention of readers and viewers by entertaining through sensational headlines and story lines with the use of the most powerful form of entertainment – fear.

So maybe you can get by and brush off much of the news stories while you’re working, because you have something grabbing more of your attention.

But when you are retired, that work attention is minimized or gone all together. Therefore, unless you are intentional, the ease of access of the media could get the attention that you used to give to your work.

Does the ideal picture of your retirement have you running from one news story to the next, hyper-focused on all the bad in the world and all that could go wrong?

Whatever gets your attention, gets you.

If you focus on the perpetual stories of fear with no resolution, you will be fearful.

However, if you turn off the media and focus on you, what you want, what you have, and what you can do with what you have regardless of what is next, you can begin to enter into a life of financial peace, calm, and confidence.

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“Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.”

– Samuel Johnson

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