My Vote

There were so many predictions in November 2016 about what would happen to the markets if there was a Trump win.

There were national papers warning of a global recession.

There were economists telling investors to expect a massive stock market crash.

There were TV market gurus predicting a market crash of epic proportions.

The exact opposite happened, and those who sold equities as a result missed out on some significant double-digit stock gains.

This brings me to my vote.

My vote is for the thing that the markets always benefit from regardless of election results and policy changes:


In particular, the market wants to know the playing field for operating their business. In the midst of tax and policy changes there can be increased volatility and movement away from certain businesses in particular industries.

But there will ALWAYS be businesses that know how to thrive.

When you own these great American businesses, you can win, and win big.

Election outcomes, policy, and the like is just noise that leads many investors to make poor decisions in the short-term that effect their long-term outcomes.

Keep a long-term view.

And go vote. Then, enjoy time with the people who matter to you most. Get up each day and find ways to make a contribution that benefits those around you.

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“We naturally fear the unknown, and the future is always unknown.” – Peter Bernstein

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