Financial Industry Trap

The Trap is the Prioritization of YOU

Have you been to a gathering where there is that one person who walks around acting like the smartest person in the room?

Maybe for a while it’s kind of interesting, listening to the person pontificate about what they know, and if you listen long enough to their stories you feel like you learn something.

Ultimately though, it is all about him. He isn’t really seeking to impart knowledge, insights, and wisdom. The purpose, rather, is to prove how smart he is, and why you should listen to him and ignore everything else, even your own wisdom gained from personal experience.

What I am describing here is at the very heart of the financial industry.

The “elite” money managers, big brokerage firms, and manufacturers of financial products have the “smartest-guy-in-the-room” syndrome.

They even go on financial shows like MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN and all the others to pontificate their brilliance.

And they like how the financial ecosystem is set up. Of first importance is the firm. Second is the advisor. Third is the client.

But, your ability to retire was NOT created by the firm or the advisor.

Your ability to retire was created by YOU… your hard work, diligent saving, dollar-cost-averaging into long-term investments.

Much of your financial success in retirement depends on you taking back control of your retirement, which means in part not salivating at promised returns, foreshadowing about the direction of the economy, or predictions about the direction of the market.

They do NOT know!

Take back control from the people who don’t know you and prioritize their own gains over yours by getting clarity before investing.

Get clarity about: what you want, current dangers, and potential income, investing, and tax minimization opportunities.

One simple step you can take now is to answer this question: what do you hope to accomplish financially over the next decade or two?

Then hire someone who will listen to your answer and put your interests first in helping you achieve this outcome with you.

When is the last time you had a financial professional listen to you – not sell you products or solutions – about what you want to accomplish?

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“Listening to someone with the intent to understand can be all that is needed to help someone achieve what they want.”

– Barry H Spencer

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