The Sun

The warm sunshine can change MANY things, if you allow it.

More time outside and enjoying longer days.

Dinners on the back porch.

Outdoor fun activities.

The sunshine can brighten your day and cheer up your spirit.

It naturally helps you see the bright spots in the midst of the challenges.

Reports of new vaccines, economic recovery, market growth and the like are bright reports.

Know this: There will be lots of “good” news and “bad” news over the weeks and months ahead. Here’s the BEST news: You get to choose which news you focus on.

When it comes to investing, do you know that owning Quality companies can also be a bright spot?

Quality companies, as opposed to the thousands of companies owned by most investors in mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds, tend to outperform in volatile times.

Also, owning quality companies can contribute to an investor’s better understanding of what they own and why they own it, so they can remain an investor during times of uncertainty.

These are uncertain times, but there are bright spots to focus on and great quality companies to own in the midst.

There is little reason to believe there will not be tough days, weeks, and perhaps even months ahead of “bad” news ahead that can discourage.

Fear not. As bright as the brightest summer day, there are bright days ahead.

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There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

― C.S. Lewis

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