Asking the Right Questions Leads You Down the Right Path

Questions Matter More

Often, I will be on the phone with a woman after one of our informational webinar briefings to answer her most pressing questions about retirement, taxes, and investing.

As I ask questions to learn about what she wants and the concerns she has, I am often stopped with a statement like: “Thank you for listening to what I have to say, and respecting me.”

The first time I heard this I was puzzled by the reality that financial professionals would treat a prospect (or any person!) with disrespect when there is a sincere inquiry for understanding and guidance.

Then, I started to reflect on the financial industry and the way it trains well-meaning and well-intentioned professionals. Because the training is most often directed by large companies and institutions, it is most often product-pushing and portfolio-promoting.

In the end, it turns otherwise well-meaning advisors into sales-persons masquerading as advisors.

The way out from this is to find a financial advisor that asks good questions about you, what you want, and your concerns, and who listens intently, and then is able to recite back what you said.

Operating in this way, you’ll begin to build a relationship that is built on respect and trust. It also leads to problem-solving with tailored solutions based on a customized plan instead of products and portfolios.

Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now.

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“What you leave in your children is more important than what you leave for them.”
-Jon and Eileen Gallo

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