Are You Ready for This?

Are You Ready?

The media can really feed notions of fear.

The media can really feed notions of euphoria.

Friends can stir emotions with their “big” wins.

(Notice how most friends don’t talk about their “big” losses!)

The “smart” people like to lead people to believe they can predict the future.

Yet, the market will most likely make fools of them all.

In the near-term, everyone is wrong.

Over the long-term, everyone is right… the market will go up and it will go down.

And no one knows by how much or over what period of time.

This chart shows what you should expect as an investor.

The key to success is to build a portfolio for the short-term and long-term.

Doing this will ultimately provide you with an overall better real-world return experience.

Are you ready no matter what happens next?

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“Don’t watch the market too closely.”

– Warren Buffett

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