Do You Know?

What Is to Come…

The talking heads in the media like to appear so smart.

They talk so confidently about what is going to happen in the market and economy.

But “they” do NOT know what is to come!

They even interview guest with degrees, credentials, and titles that are supposed to give you confidence that they know what they are talking about when they say what is to come.

But “they” do NOT know either!

The market and economy move in cycles.

Sometimes those cycles are elongated or shorten, but they still follow the same pattern.

It is a pattern that is similar to the seasons.

There are the dark days of the winter season that break way to spring with new optimism. Then, the jubilation of summer comes, until finally the harvest of fall arrives.

If you live up north, these seasons span a different time period and severity compared to the seasons in the south.

The real question for you is whether or not your investments and retirement income are built for all the seasons.

If you’re not sure, or haven’t recently had your savings and income “seasons” tested, you need to do that now before you enter a season you’re not prepared for.

Do you have an all-season plan?

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“Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”
– Richard Cushing

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