Quit While You’re Ahead?

The Law of Diminishing Returns

The Law of Diminishing Returns in essence states that too much of something (even a good thing) will eventually lead to reduced production. Something we recognize more easily in others than we do in ourselves.

Over the years, I’ve met with too many business owners’ who reach a point in their businesses where they can say, “I’ve met and exceeded my dreams.”

And yet they keep on. Why do they do that?

Sammy is a successful business owner who could have sold his business years ago. But during his personal wealth planning process, he discovered he could better fulfill his purpose by keeping the business… so he could give more money away.

His business ended up serving his philanthropic purpose—but he needed to run it in a different way by hiring someone to oversee operations so we was free to mentor people and give much of the profits away.

What is your burning reason to keep going forward in your business? If you’re not still enjoying it, your blessing has probably become a burden—and you’ve reached the point of diminishing return.

Sammy reached the point where he had enough for himself, was giving to his family as he desired but still had a surplus of wealth.  That surplus was going to go to the government or he could give it to causes he cared about.

He made the choice to make a difference in the lives of many others because he knew that he had enough to do so and a significant wealth purpose that energized him.

Wealth is more than money. Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now.

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“Nothing is more diminishing than trying to control success or hold on to things.”

 Anne-Marie Duff

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