Not Fiscal Cliff Impact…Personal Impact (part 1)

The missing ingredient in the fiscal cliff tax law changes isn’t understanding the tax law, but hope. Click here to read previous.

As I introduced in the previous, hope is driven by three primary ideas: Impact, Freedom and Peace.

Impact is the difference you are making in the world and will make as you continue doing what you are doing today.

The question: Is what you are doing today going to create the kind of impact you will be proud of?

The immediate question: Is what you are doing today energizing you about the impact you are having and will have?

Each day we don’t really manage time because all of us have the same amount of time each day. However, we do manage energy and each of us chose consciously or unconsciously to create it or deplete it.

If you don’t have hope and in particular a bigger future calling you forward with daily goals moving you closer each day…you are probably depleting energy.

What is that one thing that if it were to happen, would energize you? And what are you doing each day to move one step closer?

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