Focus – Tiger vs. Phil

By: Scott Noble

Tiger and Phil are two of the all time greats of the game and are certainly the two greatest of their generation.  They’ve both won this year.  In recent weeks at the Memorial and the US Open they have achieved dramatically different results.  Tiger – a win and a great first round in the US Open and Phil – two horrible first rounds with one withdrawal.  What’s the difference when both clearly have amazing game?  It might be that one is in a slump while the other is in top form.  Tiger clearly has greater focus and greater ability to stay in the moment and not get distracted from his game plan.  Phil checked out of the Memorial – said he was mentally fatigued. Tiger went on to win.  Phil shot 76 and Tiger 69 in the first round of the US Open.  Both played in the same conditions on the same course with the same distractions (photos being taken at bad times).  In fact Tiger probably had greater distractions – always does. Tiger gets back in the zone.  Phil didn’t or couldn’t because he lacked the focus.  Does focus matter?  You bet it does.

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