Five Financial Mistakes to Avoid in 2013

It is already February and by now new year resolutions are beginning to fade if not already given up on at this point.  This is really okay – no guilt necessary – because to truly have a resolution requires commitment is three areas.

To make a change in any area of your life requires the same three commitments: Money, Time and Mindset.

Most resolutions fade because there is not a real mindset commitment around the resolution usually because the ‘why’ isn’t strong enough.

When it comes to your money and your future, having a resolve to get your financial affairs in order and aligned with your envisioned future is an ongoing necessity.  Whether it involves intentional and focused attention on a regular basis it resides in the back of the back and lingers until there is resolution.

Resolution comes in the form having clarity about your future, accurate picture of where you are today and the obstacles and challenges of today and in the future.

A sound thinking financial planner in California presents these five mistakes to avoid in financial planning:

1. Taking Shortcuts.  Money is the oxygen of financial freedom to do the things that energize your life.

2. Believing You Are Not Worthy of Abundance. Abundance is fact of life that finds its way to those who are disciplined and focused.

3. Putting it all on Red or Black. One action that can cause financial collapse faster than any other is a non-diversified investment strategy.

4. Flying Blind into Retirement. Taxes and 401k performance are not the villain to having the needed retirement funding…its putting off the thinking and strategizing to later.

5. Not Having a Financial Plan.  Thinking, “I’m pretty well set” is not a plan.  Having a clearly written picture of your future and how your finances will serve specific and measurable goals is a plan.

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