What Are You Doing?

Are You Going It Alone?

What is it like the first time you do something?

It’s clunky and uncomfortable, isn’t it?

The first time you ride a bike.

Your first job interview.

First child.

Life is full of “firsts.”

Retirement holds the unique place of not only being a “first” for everyone, it also holds the place as one of the few life experiences that is also an “only.”

Your retirement will be your first and only go around.

Yet, so many are going it alone, using an impersonal software, and working with an advisor that doesn’t specialize in retiring people every day.

For the first and only time you do something, be sure you are working with someone who specializes in making your first retirement seem like you’ve done it hundreds of times before.


Find someone who only works with someone like you.

Hire an advisor who has expertise in creating retirement income, building sound retirement investments, and helping you be tax-smart in your income, investing, and assets.

For the one and only time you get to do retirement, don’t leave it to chance.

Not sure if you’re good, or wonder if you could be better?

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“Predicting rain doesn’t count, building arks does.”

– Warren Buffett

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