Why It’s Going to Be OK (find some hope here)

Why It’s Going to Be OK

The last few weeks (and months) of volatility have told us that we’re sailing in stormy waters.
This is a quick note to tell you that it’s going to be OK.
A few things I’d like you to keep in mind right now:”Unprecedented” events can happen much more often than we’d like and make predictions nearly impossible.The world changes not gradually but in accelerated bursts that can leave us clinging to old trends and expectations that no longer fit our new reality.

We’ve gotten used to low interest rates and strong market performance over the last decade.

But it looks like we’re heading into more challenging territory.

Here’s why it’s going to be OK:

We’ve been here before.

Not this precise moment in time, of course, but…

We plan for situations like these, where we see harsh conditions, but we don’t know exactly how they will play out.

The strategies we build are designed to withstand these kinds of storms.

Most importantly, you are not alone.

I’m here with you.

We’re in this together.

We’re surrounded by amazing family, friends, and our community.

We don’t control what happens in markets, the economy, or the world.

We can be grateful for our blessings and focus on what’s within our control: our mindset, our behavior, and the actions we take.

We make it through these times by connecting with who and what matters most to us.


P.S. Do you have 10 minutes? Check out this super short TED talk to learn how to refresh your mind each day for less time than it takes to scroll through the day’s headlines (no meditation or uncomfortable sitting required).

P.P.S. Do you enjoy watching talented kids do incredible things? Here’s an 11-year-old violin prodigy playing and talking about how much she loves music.
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“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

– Jim Rohn

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