Do You Know …

Do You Know What It’s For?

The financial industry would lead you to believe that the purpose of your money is to get a certain return.

Yet, no one can control what that return will be.

The stock and bond market will go up and down by varying degrees over an uncertain period of time.

The purpose of investing is not to get a return, but to accomplish a purpose.

And that purpose is YOUR purpose.

The purpose of the money is to allow you to enjoy a certain lifestyle, accomplish particular goals, experience certain things, take pleasure in experiences, and give to others.

At any point in time, you may feel you have more than enough to do what you want and at times you may feel you have less than enough to do what you want.

But NEVER mistake the purpose, which is YOUR purpose.

The most important role an advisor can play in your life and for your future is to understand your purpose and help organize your money to help you accomplish that purpose in the most assured way possible.

ALWAYS remember that investing is about YOU and what you WANT!

Is your money invested to help you get what you want?

Is it possible that you could upgrade your lifestyle and what you want?

If it were possible, how soon would you like to know?

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“What can you do today to move towards your dream?”

– Michael Hyatt

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