Retirement Difference

Everyone wants to retire.

Everyone would like to retire on their own terms.

And everyone who retires on their own terms, and does it seeking to make a difference for others, will retire with great reward.

One of my mentors from a distance, the late Zig Ziglar used to say… “Money will buy you a house but not a home.”

Enough money can buy you a retirement, but not necessarily a retirement you can confidently enjoy.

Sure, there are all those questions about how much is enough and how much is enough for you.

And how much do you need so you don’t run out of money.

These questions, and the ones like them, are important to ask and answer.

As you answer these questions, it is more important to figure out what that money is going to allow you to do and to know whether you will be able to do that securely. or constantly looking over your shoulder, so to speak, as to whether you’ll be okay while you’re doing it.

Do you have your Vision, Priorities, and Goals clearly established (which is the money, and beyond the money)?

Do you have your finances established so you can live with peace of mind?

And do you know how you’ll use that retirement confidence to make a difference for others?

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“So while I like the things money can buy, I love what money won’t buy. It bought me a house but it won’t buy me a home. It would buy me a companion but it won’t buy me a friend.”

– Zig Ziglar

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