Bulls vs. Bears

In the wild you’d run from either

At first glance, you might think that statement doesn’t apply to investing.

But, you’ll find “runners” in either cycle – bull or bear.

Most investors want to know which cycle we are in now.

Bottom line: No one knows.

The Bears point to:

  • Severe decline of the travel and retail industries.
  • Mass unemployment.
  • Lower than anticipated tax revenue.
  • Companies facing higher costs of doing business.
  • Artificially low interest rates.
  • Uncertain short-term revenue uncertainties.
  • Uncertain revenue outlook in the short-term because of all these factors and more leading to uncertainty, market volatility, and maybe a sever market pullback.

On the other hand, the Bulls will counter with:

  • Fed commitment to low interest rates – for the foreseeable future.
  • Fed commitment to “easy” fiscal policy – handing out money.
  • Strong businesses will remain strong, grow, and pick up market share.
  • Low interest rates encourage retail spending and private lending.
  • Federal “free money” encourages spending.
  • Businesses discover new revenue and cost-saving savings and future profits.
  • Technology advancement, efficiency gains and ingenuity will continue driving greater long-term profits.

News reports will continue to highlight how bad things are – fear gets readers and viewers. This is the short-term news

In the long-term, the American people and businesses have been, and are, resilient and should prove strong in the long-term.

Holding a long-term view is essential for investing and retirement income success.

The best approach for the long-term is to keep a long-term view, staying focused on having the right balance of safe and growth money, and owning financially healthy Quality companies for your growth money for the long-term.


“Ignore the people and all influences that pose a threat to your joy. Instead, surround yourself with people and influences that encourage the joy-filled life you want to lead.”
― Barry H. Spencer

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