Even the Best Need a Breather

Taking a Breather Is a Natural Part of Life

I’ve been a tennis enthusiast over the years, which means I’ve played some from time to time.

Yet, I’ve been fascinated to watch the best in the world compete.

In reading about tennis strategy, I’ve noticed that the time spent between points is not wasted at all. There is intentionality.

The walking, grabbing a towel, and bouncing the ball are all being used by the player to get a breather before playing the next point.

Thinking about this some more, I realize this happens in other sports too.

No one can go 100% all the time without a breather in some fashion.

As a 4-Time Ironman athlete, I did this in the 140.6 mile race throughout the race. Even though I stayed in motion the whole time, I took “breather” opportunities during the swim, bike, and run.

This is just how life works.

It is also how investing works. The market needs a breather from time to time.

Sometimes it’s such a short breath you don’t even notice. At other times it can take your breath away.

Your investment strategy must take these breather moments into account. You must expect them. You must anticipate them. And most importantly, you must not deviate from your long-term plan when it happens.

To do the contrary can be costly if not wealth destructive.

Are you prepared when the market takes a breather? What if the breath is so big it could take your breath away… are you ready for that?


“Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax.”

– Mark Black

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