Do You Know?

Your Biggest Expense in Retirement

It’s most likely not what you think.

It’s not your mortgage.

It’s not travel.

It’s not gifts to family or charity.

Your biggest expense in retirement is far more sneaky.

Did you know that the top ten percent of income earners pay nearly 70% of the federal income taxes in this country?

While history has shown that the top ten percent have always shouldered the majority of the tax burden it has gotten worse over the last couple of decades.

And taxes are getting more burdensome still.

Most have been told that when they enter retirement they will be in a lower tax bracket.


Maybe not.

Tax brackets are NOT the only way you get taxed in retirement.

Did you know that your taxes, in fact taxes for ALL Americans just went up?

When the Keystone pipeline was canceled did you know that gas prices went up almost instantly by an average of $0.15 per gallon across the country?

This is one example of the many sneaker taxes that can derail your retirement.

Are you in the know?

Is your advisor proactively looking out for you?

Is the future tax liability being considered in how your money is invested?

You NEED to know.

Not sure?

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“Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose.”

– Andy Stanley

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