Are You Being Asked the Right Questions?

Are you being asked the right questions about your money? If you don’t answer them, Uncle Sam will answer them for you.

Asking the right questions will lead you down the path to clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.Consider these commonly asked questions:

  1. How much do you want each of your heirs to receive from your estate?
  2. Do you want them to receive the funds outright or in a trust?
  3. Do you want to give all or some of your money to charity?
  4. Would you like to pay the least amount of estate taxes?

Traditional estate planning asks these questions and goes no further.

The problem with these questions is planning becomes no more than a business decision.  So even if you’ve answered these questions … Have you really wrapped up everything that’s important? Not really…For instance, in the context of inheritance, have you been asked:

  • Is the purpose of inheritance to fund opportunity or lifestyle?
  • How might differing amount affect each child differently?

Your wealth is about more than money! If your heart and your emotions are absent from the planning process, something is still missing – opportunities are being missed.

Asking the right questions will lead you into a more meaningful wealth-planning experience and help you realize the full impact your wealth can have on the world around you.

Don’t just plan for your future, live it right now.

Pass it on and share the insights like this that you find valuable.

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