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Recycled Arts and Crafts with Your Kids

Arts and Crafts are one of the many activities beloved by kids, and it’s a great way to spend time as a family. The City of Alpharetta Recreation and Parks Department is hosting the Create a Recycled Treasure Art Workshop for all kids aged 3-5 and an accompanying adult, be it parent, grandparent, etc. Your…

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Want a free gift?

The entrepreneur is unique and often by outsiders referred to as “delusional”. What is the problem with us?  Nothing! We picture a world that can be better than it is now and want to make it so. In recognition of this mindset, I’m giving away a T-shirt to the first 5 people who: email me,…

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Are your kids fit for their inheritance?

The big pot or small pot waiting for kids when you pass on from this life to the next…are they ready for it?  Most millionaire parents say they are not ready for their inheritance. This is really an unfair assessment and conclusion.  Who invested the time and resources to help them get ready?  How much…

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